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Overwhelmed? Stressed? Worried? We can make that stop. That’s what Grand Family Planning is all about!

You’re here. So you’re concerned about your future. Or the future of a loved one. You have a creeping suspicion that there are things you need to do, but you don’t know where to start. You’re independent now, but you’re sensible enough to know that won’t always be the case. You have the courage to confront an important, uncomfortable question: What happens if I get sick? (OR What happens if a loved one gets sick and needs me?)

We KNOW. We’ve been where you are now.

We get to know you, your family, your goals and your fears. Bringing together our team of professionals that includes estate attorneys, CPAs, care managers, Medicare experts, Medicaid experts, Reverse Mortgage experts, Realtors, Organizers and more, we are able to identify problems before they occur, analyze your situation and address the needs of your entire family. And we’ll help you accomplish all of the necessary tasks efficiently, and at significant savings. We bring sanity and serenity to your busy life.

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About Us

Grand Family Planning is a unique system that brings comprehensive, coordinated services to you and your family. We help you to understand the risks and likely outcomes from a variety of perspectives. Our team of professionals enables us to tackle difficult situations efficiently, economically and with compassion. You’ll feel better and your loved ones will, too.

Tracey Lawrence was the adult child of two parents who succumbed to dementia. She knows first-hand how it feels to be caught off-guard by a parent’s decline. Her journey with her mother made it clear to her that every family needs to plan for illness, and they need to bring in the right professionals to do it. Her mission is to raise awareness and educate people, to motivate them to take action sooner than later. The worst time to act is during the middle of a crisis. That’s when you make the worst decisions and become vulnerable to predators. The best time to act is when everyone is healthy. And that’s the time they’re the least inclined to act, but have the most control and range of choices!

Tracey’s book, “Dementia Sucks” is now available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and fine booksellers everywhere.

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