Are You Single and Independent?

Divorced, widowed or unmarried, you’re an independent, happy person. But are you ready for the future?

You’re Single and Loving Life

You’re on your own and life is great right now. You enjoy your independence, but you know that things change. Who will advocate for you when you get sick? Will the assets you’ve put aside be enough? What will your legacy be? Where do you start?

Request a Complimentary Consultation. We’ll send you a form to complete. You may find the act of filling out our form useful. It will help you to achieve clarity and peace of mind. When we receive your completed form, we’ll arrange a complimentary 30 minute call.

If Grand Family Planning can help, we’ll discuss options with you. You may want to consider:

The S3 Plan from Grand Family Planning

Designed specifically for widows, divorcees and single adults, it’s an all-in-one strategy for facing your future with confidence. You’re independent and active, blessed with health, assets and a family you love. You pride yourself on being on top of things. But with no one close by to support you in an emergency, anything can happen. Know that when you get sick, you’ll be protected with a customized, all-encompassing plan! We’ll get to know you, your family and your goals. Then, we’ll show you how to

  • Have a medical advocate on call for support
  • Protect your assets
  • Address long term care planning
  • Cover health care costs
  • Maximize what you leave to future generations
  • Document your most crucial information
  • Preserve precious memories and your family legacy

How? By bringing together our team of professionals, including Estate/Elder Law Attorneys, CPAs, Care Managers, Medicare experts, Medicaid experts, Reverse Mortgage experts, Realtors, Organizers and more, we help you to achieve what no other professional can offer on their own. There’s power in multiple perspectives!

We are also putting together a course in health care advocacy and developing a team of advocates to help keep single people protected!

The most loving thing you can do for your family and for yourself is to start NOW, while you’re healthy! YES, I WANT TO STAY INDEPENDENT!