Joseph Grasso

Joe Grasso has been a Reverse Mortgage Specialist for the past four years, helping seniors use their home to stay in their home. Although young, Joe has come across many different scenarios and situations where people could use his knowledge in this field. He is not your typical sales person when it comes to Reverse Mortgages, but more of an educator of the program so his clients can make a well informed decision, rather than being “sold” on it. He will treat you like family to make sure this is the best decision for you and your loved ones and help you throughout the entire process.

A quick overview of what a Reverse Mortgage is, base of your age and your home value you qualify for a certain amount of equity in your home that you can use however you want with an OPTIONAL monthly payment. Most situations, his clients use the equity to pay off open mortgages, equity lines, or tax liens, but you can use the money for anything. You will never have to pay back any of the money you use as long as you live there, the loan will be due when you no longer live there.

Joe grew up in Parsippany, NJ and graduated in 2004 from William Paterson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He started in the mortgage industry 5 years ago and since it is such a unique program, has strictly focused on Reverse Mortgages for the past four years to keep up to date on all the new regulations for it. Joe is licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and soon to be in Massachusetts and California.




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