For Individuals and Families

New for 2021:


Start your journey right at your own place with this 2-hour, 5 section online course, the Family Care Survival Course.



You know you need to take action, but you don’t know where to start. We make it easy. You’ll tell us about your family, the kinds of things you’ve been noticing and your biggest concerns. Our team of professionals, including Estate/Elder Law Attorneys, CPAs, Care Managers, Medicare experts, Medicaid experts, Reverse Mortgage experts, Realtors, Organizers and more, will review all the details, uncover urgent issues, prioritize the actions required and establish the smartest goals for you and your loved ones. Looking at the situation from the perspective of all of our various competencies, we’ll guide you and save you time, emotional upheaval and a lot of money. YES, I WANT PEACE OF MIND



A suite of services that combines the formidable talents of our team of professionals, including Estate/Elder Law Attorneys, CPAs, Care Managers, Medicare experts, Medicaid experts, Reverse Mortgage experts, Realtors, Organizers and more. We provide estate planning, tax strategies, long term care strategies, medical data record-keeping tools and assistance preserving your cherished memories for future generations implementing superior, cost-effective technologies. Discover a whole new level of service to preserve your legacy and protect yourself and your family from the ravages of illness.


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For widows, divorcees and those who’ve never married, there are special concerns. While you’re independent and capable now, someday you won’t be. Who will be your advocate? Who will speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself? This plan connects you with a trustworthy medical advocate who may be appointed to assist you, in addition to the services outlined in the Grand Family Estate Plans. YES, I WANT TO REMAIN INDEPENDENT

NotaryServicesNow offering Notary Services for our clients in New Jersey!

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Your family is spread out across great distances. You’d love to have a holiday together, as a family. What if you could? What if, at the end of the great time you all had together, you could plan for the future, making sure everyone understands their roles, and that Mom and Dad will always have the care and support they want and deserve? YES, I WANT A MEANINGFUL FAMILY HOLIDAY

For Businesses



If your business employs 100 or more people, (and, as of June 2019, in the state of New Jersey, 30 employees) there are requirements you must satisfy. We can help you to leverage what you already do in order to attract and retain the best employees. Enable those employees to disclose the obstacles they face without fear of losing their jobs. Frame your benefits so as to be more appealing and stand out from the competition.


When employees face challenges at home, it can pull them off their game at work. Have a set of documents ready to go so they’ll know just what they need before they need it. Connections to vetted resources, tools, agencies and more can save time and promote greater peace of mind.


Ongoing workshops, meetings and support sessions will remind employees of the benefits to which they’re entitled and point them towards adopting proactive practices that will serve them as situations change. They’ll be better equipped, more productive and significantly more loyal.

For Governmental Agencies


Customized Programs for Your Agency’s Needs

We understand that you have requirements to fulfill and concerns to address. Grand Family Planning provides unique programs to

  • Train management to be more sensitive and appropriately reactive to the concerns of staff
  • Enable conversations that reveal issues that impact performance
  • Encourage engagement, productivity and loyalty

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