Tracey S. Lawrence

Tracey Lawrence

Founder, Grand Family Planning LLC


Tracey Lawrence is a problem-solver who has always sought solutions to things that bugged her. Tracey offers her vast knowledge to those who might benefit.

A long-time graphic arts professional and small business marketing consultant, Tracey was diverted from her business in 2003 when her father fell ill. She became involved in his diagnosis, treatment and care, moving her parents from their apartment in south Florida to her home in northern New Jersey. She familiarized herself with her parents’ finances, legal situation and insurance provisions.

After her father passed away in 2004, her mother returned to Florida, but she needed help. In time, she would move in with Tracey and her husband once again, until dementia made it impossible for this arrangement to continue.

Tracey’s mom received hospice care at a group home for dementia patients, where her daily care was managed with affection and compassion. Her mother died on April 14, 2015, on her parents’ 64th wedding anniversary. Grateful for the planning she and her parents had done before their crises, Tracey realized that there are millions of families who could benefit from working with the kind of team she has assembled, if only they were aware of the need in the first place.

Understanding the complexities of family dynamics, Tracey knows that a team approach is essential to solving the range of issues involved. She urges families to start planning while everyone is still healthy. Human nature makes this particularly difficult, because no one wants to face unpleasant probabilities. But Tracey and her team are determined to educate people, defuse the denial and enable families to leverage their health to prepare for inevitable transitions.

On May 15th, 2018, Tracey’s #1 bestselling book, “Dementia Sucks: A Caregiver’s Journey With Lessons Learned” was released by Post Hill Press. Read more here.

Tracey is also a professional speaker, whose programs help businesses to attract and retain the best people, most of whom are impacted by the family caregiving crisis. Learn more here.

And, Tracey is a remarkable, award-winning instructor. She offers a Family Care Survival Course designed for the adult children of aging parents.

Grand Family Planning is Tracey’s vision: a network of complementary, essential services all families need to protect themselves from disaster. And by working with EMPLOYERS of caregivers in the workforce, she is dedicated to SAVING LIVES and big buckets of money. Feeling overwhelmed is common, but unnecessary.  Learn more here.

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