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Grand Family Planning is The Cure for Overwhelm

Being a “GOOD KID” may mean you’re actually a “CAREGIVER”!

  • Will you be able to advocate for loved ones when they can no longer speak for themselves?
  • How will your professional life be impacted?
  • Have you considered how expenses will be managed?
  • Do you have the proper documentation?

Tell us who you are so we can help!


Tracey, as you know [being our right hand], mom has passed over. 
How would we have done this without you and your team? I can’t even fathom this! You made this extremely challenging task manageable – seriously!
You are such a blessing of expertise, compassion and empathy. You always knew what mom needed and advised us so perfectly. We can sleep now, knowing we did the very best for her.
A big ‘thank you’ for all you and your amazing team’s help. 
And kudos for finding such talented partners as the external team that we’re utilizing now. You really thought this out and we benefited!
Again, thank you.”

Sue A., mahwah nj

Thanks to the Team

Being faced with new unknown terrain on how to handle the well-being of my elderly cousin suffering from deep depression, as his only living relative, I hired Grand Family Planning to help me with advice on what actions steps I can take. Tracey Lawrence was empathetic and gave me sage advice and guidance on benefits I can seek for him, recommending an attorney to get the right type of legal authority to intervene on his behalf… It was a great investment.”

– Brian L., Teaneck NJ

So Worth It!